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Trusted Facility Supply Management in Miami-Dade

Facility Supplies, LLC decreases downtime and boosts productivity. We are a full-service facility supply management company for Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we’ve been a reliable go-to source for industrial, commercial, and educational facilities. We offer a wide range of products from leading brands, including pallet racks, shelving, packaging, office supplies, and beyond. Whether you need to maintain productivity and satisfaction for a large-scale industrial plant, office space, or school, our team is here for you. We provide facilities with built-to-last supplies and install them quickly so you can carry on your daily operations.

Greg Ramos

From Empty to Operational

Facility Supplies, LLC is owned by Greg Ramos. Greg is an army veteran who spent his career designing and operating various military facilities, including training rooms, equipment rooms, storage rooms, mailrooms, and offices. He provided the army with efficient spaces where members could learn, train, and serve their best. Greg’s army operations career succeeded by precision and dependability. He is proud to bring his knowledge, skills, and commitment from the army to businesses and institutions. Our motto is “from empty to operational.” We live by this motto daily, saving clients time, and money, and providing them with quality supplies and resources.

A Champion for Facilities and Industry

As business and industry leaders, we understand the sacrifices you’ve made to make your business succeed. On your journey towards success, you’ve likely met many people who’ve tried to sell you products and supplies that fail to fulfill your needs. Your time is too precious. Your workload is too immense. You cannot spend valuable time, money, and energy on products and supplies that don’t benefit your operation now and later. At Facility Supplies, LLC, we offer time-tested, top-quality products, supplies, and services to meet your needs for years. Our team strategically plans your implementation and installation based on the vision you have for your operation.

From Empty to Operational and Beyond