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Shopping for your very first pallet racking system can be a daunting task. There is a wide array of systems out there that fit every business prototype’s needs; in addition to these questions, lucrative research on assembly and which components to purchase are another factor into selecting your pallet rack.  With a competitive market out there ready to take your hard-earned dollars, the desire to purchase used and new products can be appealing, but in reality–it’s a very risky move to make. With the most common design being a teardrop (bearing resemblance to the eye-producing shape), other designs of the same caliber can be used interchanged. With that being said, there often times than not a heavy risk associated with going against your pallet racking consistency. 

Damage to Your Rack and Components

While the compulsion to purchase used and cheaper parts are alluring–curb that motion. It may be a faster solution to a short-term problem, but in reality, using parts that are not compliant to your pallet racking system can cause severe damage. Interchanging of parts can also affect your load capacity and may result in total failure. The failure of any pallet racking system can sometimes result in heavy cost–and even death.  Replacing the necessary components with your manufacturer is the best decision. In the interim, a quick fix in actuality maybe a long-term problem. Keep all your fixes consistent with the manufacturer despite cost. You’ll be happy you made the decision, and your pocket will, too.

Compliance Failure

Anyone with basic understanding of a pallet racking system is much familiarized with code compliance. Every pallet rack that is purchased or assembled must meet the necessary requirements to operate.  Interchanging your parts with an alternate manufacturer can cause a huge red flag. Upon your next inspection, you could pose the risk of violating a code–depending on your jurisdiction. Compliance failure is already a common fear among most businesses choosing to use a pallet rack. Making the simple choice to stick to the same manufacturer can help you avoid an unnecessary and costly mistake. 

Costly Mistakes

In addition to the above, it would seem that selecting the same manufacturer would be common sense. Manufacturing consistency is overall an important part of your daily decision-making when repairing.  You wouldn’t want a used car to come with an array of problems before you buy–so what makes your pallet racking system any different? Having a seasonable plan can help you make logical decisions and prevent you from cutting corners. While saving money is important, it’s also imperative to do vigorous research on your system, to avoid costly mistakes from poor choice. 

From Empty to Operational and Beyond