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Efficient Pallet Rack Installations and Relocation Services

At Facility Supplies, LLC, we take supply installation and relocation seriously. Industrial, commercial, and educational facility owners rely on us for quick, quality service. We provide a wide range of services, including pallet rack installations in Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. Our team installs and relocates supplies timely so that you can return to your regular operations with ease.

close up of a group of workers working in a warehouse

Why Choose Us

We’ve been in the supply management and logistics industry for over 20 years. Throughout time, we’ve seen the hard work and determination owners and operators put into building their businesses. Success is a delicate thing that takes commitment and care to achieve. We provide a vision and plan for every service provided. From when you request a service to when we execute it, we remain dedicated to you and your needs. You can feel confident knowing your supplies, products, and materials are handled by the area’s most responsible team.

Supply Installation

Your day is busy. You don’t want DIY installations further complicating your workload and priority list. Facility Supplies, LLC is here to make your day easier by installing your supplies quickly and carefully. We implement every supply requested by industrial, commercial, and residential facilities, from pallet racks, lockers, safety systems, and beyond. Our approach is comprehensive. We handle planning and execution fast. We customize our installation according to the supply you’ve selected. First, we’ll assess your property’s layout and complexity to develop a strategic logistical plan. Our teams coordinate every aspect of your installation and complete the job quickly so you can return to and focus on your everyday operations.

Supply Relocation

Relocating products is a massive undertaking for small- and large-scale facilities. Whether moving to a different room or a new building to better accommodate your products, you want a trusted team on your side. Our team prioritizes efficiency and fast service. Our goal is to get your operation up and running again quickly and with little to no disruption to your workday. We offer the best packaging materials and handle your products with care and attention to keep them safe and intact during the move. Our team follows a strict relocation process from beginning to end. We never cut corners or skip steps. You can rely on us to securely package, transport, and put your products in their new location within a realistic timeline.

From Empty to Operational and Beyond