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Educational Facility Supplies in Miami-Dade County

For over 20 years, Facility Supplies, LLC has made schooldays comfortable and efficient by providing dependable school furniture in Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. We provide outstanding furnishing, shelving, sound regulation, and more, nurturing productive educational environments. Our supply selection will help keep students and staff focused and happy during the school year.

Our Educational Products

School days move fast. You want supplies and equipment that support students, faculty, administrators, and staff. We provide the most durable and reliable educational supplies in the industry. Our products can handle the harshest impacts and last for years. We provide schools with the following:


Desks, tables, chairs, casings, and more for a smooth school day.

Shade Structures

Versatile indoor and outdoor shading systems for regulating light.

Sound Abatement

Quality soundproofing materials like foam, paneling, and acoustic walls.


Small- and large-scale shelving to hold books and heavy school materials.


A wide range of accessories to support and enhance our main product line.


Robust Lockers Built for Any School

We provide durable locker systems for elementary, middle, high school, and college campuses. They are industrial, commercial, and military-grade, so you can rely on them to withstand dents and slamming. Our locker accessories include coat hooks, shelving, and more. Students and staff can safely store their books and materials worry-free. Choose from a wide range of styles, including steel, wood, and plastic, to match your school’s aesthetic and fulfill its operational needs. Our locker systems are built to last.

School Furnishings in Many Styles

Students and staff learn and teach better in comfortable environments. Our educational furnishings will help your students, faculty, and administrators stay motivated throughout the day. Our extensive desk, table, chair, and furniture offerings come in various styles. Select furniture that fits in your classroom seamlessly and matches its aesthetic. We provide specialty furnishings for more complex rooms like science labs, computer labs, and art studios. Our furnishings maximize the educational experience and accommodate students and staff throughout the school year.

From Empty to Operational and Beyond