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Pallet Rack Supplier Serving Miami-Dade County

Managing an industrial operation takes immense effort, attention, and thoroughness. Between juggling moving products, directing your teams, and assessing safety hazards, you can’t let your guard down. Facility Supplies, LLC is a pallet rack supplier for Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas, providing relief for operations managers and their dedicated teams. Our products will help you streamline your workflow and cultivate a secure environment.

Our Industrial Products

Our wide selection of industrial supplies makes facilities more efficient and safer. Whether you need more space to store your products, a flexible office space, or cleaner ventilation, we can deliver. We also provide accessories for pallet decks, wire decks, safety gates, and more. Our industrial supplies include:

Pallet Racking

Selective, double-reach, push-back, drive-in, and high-density systems.

Modular Office

Flexible modular office systems and equipment to optimize your facility.


Ducting, fans, blowers, filters, vents, and more for heating in cooling.

Material Handling

Platform trucks, tow tractors, trailers, carts, hitches, railing, and beyond.

Safety Supplies

Safety guards, sensors, alarms, and more.


Which Pallet Rack Is Right for Me?

Most industrial facilities use selective pallet racks. It holds single-row pallets and is best for smaller operations and fast-moving products. Drive-in racks hold double rows and offer excellent storage density. Push-back racks push products forward into the row and have more selectivity than drive-in racks. Double-reach racks also provide high-storage density. Every racking system we offer provides easy access, shelving, and product removal via forklift. When deciding what racking type you want, consider the size of your product and how fast you move it. Does your facility need high density or more selectivity? Asking yourself this question can help you determine the right racking system. If you need help choosing, Facility Supplies, LLC would be glad to discuss how your facility operates and make recommendations based on your needs.

Safety Equipment for Securing Your Facility

We offer safety equipment and products from the most trusted brands in the industry. Their application is dependable and provides peace of mind to your teams. Safety guards stabilize parts, preventing them from shifting. They prevent debris from getting in your team’s way and interrupting your workflow. We provide state-of-the-art sensors and alarm systems. They detect oncoming or potential safety hazards before they can cause any harm by sending loud audible warnings to your team. Our safety products prevent danger and alert teams fast. Request our safety guards and alert systems to maintain your facility’s security throughout the workday.

From Empty to Operational and Beyond